Teaching with EC

Read through the Introduction to Engaging Communities then browse through the sample assignment files and teaching materials below. Feel free to use them as is or to revise/remix them.

You can also visit the  Teaching with Engaging Communities web site to browse through continually updated links to materials outside of this text that other teachers have found helpful.

Teaching Resources for Presenting EC Materials:

Prezi on research questions and the research proposal assignment:

Video on Fieldnotes by by Andre Price, Cynthia Robinson, Teresa McMahon, Kati Goldstein

Considering Types of Fieldnotes web site (with gifs!) by Alex Jaros, Patti Pangborn, Cameron Decker, and Danielle Wilcox

Prezi on Taking, Writing, and Expanding Fieldnotes by Patrick Thornton

Prezi overview of Module 3: Ritual and Symbol Prezi by Patrick Thornton